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Health Benefits of Pizza

A pizza made with select, fresh ingredients is a highly nutritional meal. A primary ingredient of pizza is tomato, which contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. (Lycopene is actually known to help fight many different types of cancer.)

Many pizzas also contain other healthful ingredients – vegetables and meats and dough made of the highest quality flour. When created in the Neapolitan style - meaning the pizza is crafted using modest amounts of the best ingredients available – one enjoys a delicious and healthy meal.

Pizza crafted in the Neapolitan Tradition

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Pizza was born in Naples, Italy. These first pizzas were simple rounds of bread, contained tomatoes, and were baked in a wood burning oven. This pizza has evolved over the years into what is know as Neapolitan pizza, and has certain unique characteristics.

Authentic Neapolitan PizzaAt Café Porta Alba, we make authentic Neapolitan pizza and must adhere to specific characteristics. The dough must be hand-pressed with Italian flour, and must contain a precise amount of water. Tomatoes must always be Italian, and are the San Marzano style. The bufala mozzarella cheese used is from water buffalo in the region between Napoli and Roma. Ingredients are fresh, are sparingly used and are placed with practiced hands on the dough. The pizza is baked in a special high temperature wood burning oven (ours was imported from a 3rd generation oven maker in Naples).



Neapolitan Pasta Dishes

Paccheri al Ragu NapolentanoWe feature some enticing pasta dishes as well. Paccheri al Ragu' Napoletano is a true classic, with a deep cultural history. It is a rich pasta made with pork and beef tenderloin, and is cooked in red wine and parmigiano reggiano. It is known in Naples as the "ragu' del guardaporta" or the "doorman's ragu"...and is so named because the doorman was the one person whose profession allowed him to take the time to attend to the slow-cooking sauce.

We feature many other wonderful dishes as well, such as Impepata di Cozze, which is a Neapolitan classic featuring steamed mussels in a tomato and white wine broth with black pepper, onion, garlic, and parsley. There are many other traditional antipastos, salads, and desserts. Don't miss our tiramisu, our unique offering of gelatos, or the "Pizza Nutella" (this you must simply try it to understand).


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